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Every 2 hours we throw out enough stuff to fill the world's largest container ship with trash. That's 12 container ships every single day, and 4570 container ships in one year.

No Waste Shopping Explained

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Zero Plastic Waste

This key factor of no packaging and waste is what makes zero waste shops special. Products are not wrapped and so all that extra cardboard and plastic is removed at a stroke. By re-using containers such as repurposed coffee jars and paper bags you are doing your bit to cut down on the mountain of waste we create each day.

Less Food Waste

Since you can weigh out the exact amount of ingredients that you need you are not obligated to buy a large pack when you will be forced to throw out the extra that you didn't need or use. This means that not only are you not creating food waste but you are only paying for what you actually need so you will save money as well.

Buy in Bulk

There are always certain items which you will get through a lot of and need to regularly top up. You can bulk buy the products from our shop and save yourself many repeat trips to the supermarket. This will reduce the frequency of your trips overall and if like most people you drive to the shops then it will mean lower carbon emissions. It's a WIN WIN!

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Take a Stand & Make a Difference

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Many major retailers have realised that they have to change how they operate in order to minimise the waste and environmental damage that they contribute to. Zero Waste shops are a relatively new sight on the high street but our numbers are growing. The Green Way 2 Shop is joining the esteemed ranks of other Zero Waste shops across the country and our mission is to make it easy for you to take a stand and do more.

A Zero Waste shop provides you with a way to live a better life by minimising the waste that you produce from your weekly grocery shopping. We have hundreds of products that we can sell you with either no or very little packaging which keeps your weekly waste down to a minimum.

With shops reopening after the COVID-19 lockdowns this is an opportunity for you to support small Zero Waste shops such as ours and help us make a difference instead of rushing back to the supermarkets that thrived throughout the pandemic.

Call us today on 01234 385044 or email us at info@thegreenway2shop.co.uk

Call us today on
01234 385044 or email us at

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We are helping the planet and playing our part in reducing carbon emissions, and it is our belief that The Green Way 2 Shop will not only allow us to do our bit, but help you to do yours as well, building a better future for us and the generations to come.


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