How it Works

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how it works image
how it works image

The concept is easy, all you need is an empty container and the rest is as follows:

First, you weigh the empty container by placing it on the scales, which will print a QR code for you to stick on the container.

Then, you fill the container with your desired product before weighing it again on the scales. The weight of the empty container will be subtracted from the new container weight, to give you the weight of the product. A new barcode will be given to you with the new weight and the price.

Finally, take the container to the till and pay!

For some, the experience is new and can be confusing and even frightening, so please don't hesitate to ask us for help.

We have a range of glass jars at the shop for all our products for customers to buy. However, old spice jars, hot chocolate pots, jam jars, fabric softener bottles are always welcome and invited to be used. If you forget your container, not to worry, we also have paper bags in 3 sizes that are free to customers!

Empty jars for sale

We stock a selection of jars that you can buy and re-use


We are helping the planet and playing our part in reducing carbon emissions, and it is our belief that The Green Way 2 Shop will not only allow us to do our bit, but help you to do yours as well, building a better future for us and the generations to come.


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